Maradyne Puller Thermo Fan - 12" / 305mm Skew 12V - 1300 CFM - 160W

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The MJS16K (EF8952) 12v 12" Maradyne Jetstreme Fan features a Square Shroud and a Skew Blade Design which can Pull up to 1300cfm / 2209m3/h.

The Maradyne Jetstreme EF8952 12" Thermo Fan features a fully-sealed 160W motor (IP68) of superior quality and is backed with a 12-month manufacturers warranty (see below).

Fan Model # MJS16K
Fan Series Jetstreme I Series
Voltage 12V
Motor 160W
Flow Type Puller
Blade Diam. 12 inch (305mm)
Blade Type Skew
Shroud Type Finger Guard
Amps 12.4
CFM 1300
M3/H 2209
A 325mm / 12.8"
B 284.5mm / 11.2"
C 346.7mm / 13.65"
D 387.4mm / 15.25"
E 90.2mm / 3.55"
MJS13K Maradyne Jetstreme 12" Puller Fan

More Info:

Which MARADYNE¬ģ High Performance Fan Do I Need?

What to consider when choosing the proper Maradyne High Performance Electric Cooling Fan? Maradyne HP Fans are considered universal fit electric fans so there are a couple different model fans that may fit any one application.
  1. First:

    Start with measuring the core size of the radiator. Remember to measure just the core; do not include the measurements of the cooling tanks on each side or top and bottom of the radiator. This will give you an idea of what diameter fan can be used or what shrouded version fans can be used. (Note: fans must cover as much of the radiator as possible. Fabricating or purchasing a shroud may be necessary).

  2. Second:

    Consider all aspects of the engine. If you are dealing with a stock to mildly upgraded engine you do not need a fan with a high wattage motor or highest rated cfm but if you are dealing with a mid to highly upgraded engine you will want to consider the fans that have a higher wattage motor with maximum cfm of air movement. Fan motor wattage can range from 90w to 225w in the 12v configuration. If your application is mild now but plan to upgrade it there is nothing wrong with using the higher cfm rated fans as the fan is controlled by the temperature sending unit.

  3. Push vs. Pull:

    If you are working with space issues keep in mind certain model fans can be reversible so they can either pull the air or push the air through the radiator. For example, in the majority of automotive applications fans are set up in the puller configuration to pull the air through the radiator from the grille opening area; however due to space issues & air flow characteristics, the need to mount the fan in the pusher configuration to push the air from the grille area through the radiator may be necessary.

  4. Wattage:

    Note the more powerful cfm fan or fans you may choose the more amp draw it will have so make sure your electrical system can handle the addition of an electric fan. Amp draws on 12 to 16 inch fans can range from 15 to 28 amps, some dual fan applications can draw up to 35 amps.