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5 Reasons Why Electric Thermo Fans Are Better Than Your Mechanical Fan

5 Reasons Why Electric Thermo Fans Are Better Than Your Mechanical Fan

5 Reasons why Electric Thermo Fans are Better than Mechanical Fans

Electrical Thermatic (Thermo) fans have become the preferred choice for many applications from car enthusiasts, through to industrial & mining applications because they have a lot of advantages over mechanical fans. Here are some good ones:

Electric Thermo Fans can maintain a constant high airflow when your engine is idling. Mechanical fans slow down with the engine when idling, meaning your high-horsepower motor can get real hot real fast when sitting in traffic.

Electrical Fans provide great engine cooling with no draining of much coveted horsepower and with a reduced fuel consumption. Mechanical fans can't match an electric fan for efficiency.

The versatility of Electrical Radiator Fans means they can be mounted on either the front of your radiator (pusher fan) or behind it (puller fan) in the engine bay, giving you an option if space is limited between your radiator and front of engine. With that in mind, Maradyne Champion Series fans are reversible, meaning the blades can be turned around and the fan operate as either a puller or pusher. SPAL Fans have a one-directional flow, with both puller and pusher options for most models.

Thermo Fans come in multiple sizes and configurations from baby fans coming in at just 4" all the way up to 16". Blade types vary for your mechanical fan and while some definitely perform more efficiently than others, the main issues such as lack of airflow when idling still remain.

One or Two? SPAL & Maradyne brand Electrical Thermo Fans are available in both single & twin setups so you can be sure that there is a universal aftermarket fan option to meet most applications.

These are just five reasons why if you are running a high horsepower motor or other high-powered machinery, an Electric Thermo Fan is essential to keep your motor running cool.

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