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Back in Stock: SPAL 11" 12V Dual Thermo Fan

Back in Stock: SPAL 11" 12V Dual Thermo Fan

2VA06-AP70/LL-37A (EF3580) Twin 12v 11" SPAL Puller Fan

The SPAL 2VA06-AP70/LL-37A (EF3580) Dual 11" fan is one of our most popular sellers due to the fact that it can fit most radiator setups and provides superior airflow to most similar type units.

The EF3580 dual fan has a rating of 2720cfm / 4610m3/h and has a built-in shroud to help provide maximum airflow through your radiator core.

For best performance we recommend using the Davies Craig universal dual relay digital switch w/sensor probe (EF0444) with your EF3580 dual fan.

The EF0444 switch has an adjustable temperature range of 40ºC to 110ºC and operates thermally & also when the air conditioning is being used.

Right now you also get a free upgrade to Express postage! Simply select standard postage at the checkout and your fan will be sent via Express (excludes radiators).



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