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BACK IN STOCK - SPAL 5.2" Puller Fan EF3570

BACK IN STOCK - SPAL 5.2" Puller Fan EF3570

Back In Stock - SPAL EF3570 5.2" Puller Fan

One of our most popular fans, the SPAL 5.2" VA31-A101-46A (EF3570) Puller Fan, is back in stock and this week you can get a further 10% OFF the price.

Just enter the code at checkout: SPAL12V

And you will receive a further 10% off the price of this fan! Code expires Monday 07/09/20.

EF3570 Fan Product Details:


It's SPAL SEPTEMBER at and in week 1 we are offering 10% off the entire range of SPAL 12V Fans until Monday 07/09/20! Use the following code to get 10% OFF at checkout on any of our SPAL 12V Fan range.


Enter the code SPAL12V at checkout to get a 10% discount on any 12V SPAL Fan. Ends Monday 07/09. 

Check back weekly for the newest discount code!

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