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Maradyne M103K 10" Champion Series Puller Fan

Maradyne M103K 10" Champion Series Puller Fan

M103K-DS (EF8906) 12v 10" Maradyne Champion Series Fan

Best-Seller Alert - Maradyne Champion Series 10" 130W Cooling Fan

The Maradyne EF8906 10" Champion Series fan is one of the most popular fans we stock, and a vast amount are purchased in pairs, highlighting what a great fit this fan is for a dual setup (with a custom shroud of course!)

With a 950 CFM rating, this 10" bulldog packs a lot of bite into a small area.

Maradyne Champion Series fans ship in a puller configuration, but they feature reversible blades so the fan can be converted to a pusher setup if space or practicality dictates. (When installed as a puller, the Champion Series fans more often than not produce a higher CFM than their SPAL counterparts.)

Check out the Maradyne EF8906 / M103K 10"Champion Series fan (featuring some new in-house product pics) here.

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