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SPAL 12V 5.2" Puller and Pusher Fans Back in Stock

SPAL 12V 5.2" Puller and Pusher Fans Back in Stock

The highly sought-after SPAL 5-inch, 12V thermo fans have made a triumphant return and are currently back in stock.

Available in both puller and pusher types, these fans deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With their compact size and powerful airflow capacity, these fans can fit seamlessly into various vehicle and machinery applications without compromising performance or functionality.

Whether used as primary cooling systems or auxiliary units for improved efficiency, the SPAL 5-inch thermo fans are an industry favorite for their durability, energy efficiency, and exceptional cooling capabilities.

Stock remains limited however, so don't miss a great opportunity to secure the quality SPAL fans your project requires!

SPAL Thermo Pusher Fan - 5.2" - 12V - 307 CFM – VA31-A101-46S

SPAL Thermo Puller Fan - 5.2" - 12V - 342 CFM - VA31-A101-46A

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