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Website Update - Enhanced Product Filtering

Website Update - Enhanced Product Filtering

We're happy to launch a big improvement to the website's search functionality!

When browsing product categories, our product filter selections are a handy tool to refine your choices to the products that more accurately match your needs. A big drawback however was the inability to refine your choices by selecting multiple filters.

For example, you might want to view only:

  1. 12" fans;
  2. between a 1000-1500 CFM rating;
  3. that have a long-life motor.

Previously, the website would return a list of products that matched ANY of those conditions, so you'd see all of the 1000-1500 CFM units no matter the size, and all of the long-life motor fans no matter the size. This function has now been upgraded so your filtering choices will return a list of products that meet ALL of the criteria you've selected.

See our screengrab vid below for an example. We hope you find the upgraded functionality helpful and easy to use! If you have any suggestions or experience any issues with our webite, please contact us and let us know. We really appreciate the feedback as it helps us continually improve the website for you!

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