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What do SPAL Fan Model Numbers Mean?

What do SPAL Fan Model Numbers Mean?

All SPAL fans have a model number printed on a silver sticker on the fan shroud, but did you know they actually tell you all sorts of important information?

The SPAL model number will tell you the type of shroud it has, the type of motor & whether it's a puller or a pusher-style fan. Genuine SPAL Fans will have an OEM number on a silver sticker, normally located on the back (or side) of the motor.

SPAL OEM Sticker Located on Fan

Lets have a look at the breakdown of a SPAL model (VA) number:

SPAL Model Numbers Explained

The first section of the above example model number (VA) always refers to the type of shroud. In this example the 18 stands for a finger type shroud. Numbers V01 to VA04 are open-type shrouds, while VA06-VA18 feature a finger-guard shroud. There are also fans with higher VA numbers which also indicate the type of shroud used.

SPAL Fan Model Numbers - Shrouds

The second section of the SPAL model number refers to the type of motor the fan has. In the example above AP70/LL, the 'AP' means it's a 12-volt motor. If this section displays 'BP', that means it's a 24-volt motor.

SPAL Model Numbers Explained

The number (70 in this example) refers to the amperage draw, generally the higher the number the greater the amp draw, while the 'LL' stands for Long Life Motor. It's the larger of the motors that SPAL offer and as such generally pulls a lot higher CFM as a result. A regular or low-profile type motor will be denoted with a 'C'.

SPAL Fan Motor Types

In short, if your VA number has an 'LL' in it it’s going to be the higher performance long-life motor. If it has a 'C', it’s going to be a standard or slimline/low profile motor.

SPAL Model Numbers Explained

The last section of a VA number stands for the type of blades the fan has and whether it’s a puller or a pusher. In our example above we have either an 41A or 41S. Puller-style fans (air flows back from the open side past the motor) are always denoted by an A on the end of the number and pushers are denoted by an S (air is 'pushed' out the open side). The numbers equate to the fan blade shape. Generally, anything under 40 is a straight blade & anything over is a curved blade.

Hopefully this post helps you understand SPAL model numbers in greater detail.

If you're searching for a particular fan and you have the model number, you can search for it here.

If you are having trouble finding the fan you need, or just have any questions at all, please get in touch and we'll be happy to assist.

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