Radiator Toyota Aurion GSV40 Auto A/P 3.5L V6 2006 >

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Aftermarket Radiator JR2142J Specifications
Suited For: Toyota Aurion GSV40 Auto A/P 3.5L V6 2006 >
Details: Plastic Tanks, Aluminium Core, Oil Cooler 375mm
Rows: 1
Core Height (mm) 400
Core Width (mm) 770
Core Thickness (mm) 27
Inlet Diameter (mm) 34
Outlet Diameter (mm) 35
Breather Diameter (mm) 8
Passenger Vehicle Warranty
2 Years/50,000kms , 4 Years Optional
Commercial/4WD Warranty
1 Year/25,000kms

Correctly Measuring a Radiator

To measure the height of the radiator assembly, you must measure from under the top tank header plate to the top of the bottom tank header plate. You never measure a radiator from the top of the top tank to the bottom of the bottom tank.

To measure the radiator core width, you only measure from the outside of the fins on one side to outside the fins on the other or side bracket to side bracket. The sideband is never taken into consideration when measuring the width of the core.

To measure the thickness of the core, you measure from the outside of the fin to outside on the other side of that fin. Radiator cores come in a vast range of thicknesses ranging from 16mm to 73mm for most automotive cars, light commercial, light trucks and 4WD.

Correctly Measuring Radiator Core Size

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