Koyorad Universal Oil Cooler - 15 Row



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Koyorad XC151405W 15-Row Oil Cooler

Koyorad  universal  coolers  are  highly  advanced,  drawn  cup  style  heat  exchangers  which  are  efficient, lightweight, and robust in build quality.  Each were developed to effectively cool various automotive grade fluids such as transmission, power steering, engine oil and differential fluids.

All Koyorad oil coolers are tested to 10 bar for added security of quality and performance!


  • Advanced Drawn Cup Construction;
  • Two -10 AN ORB (O-Ring Boss / O-Ring Port) Provisions;
  • Koyorad Embossed Header Plate;
  • Pressure Tested: 10 Bar;
  • Deformation Tested: 35 Bar;
  • Durable Black Finish.

 Part # Rows Dimensions
(excl. brackets)
Koyorad 15-Row Universal Oil Cooler KOYO-UOL001 10 285mm x 76mm x
(11.25" x 3" x 2")
(0.28 qt. / 9 fl.oz.)
Koyorad 15-Row Universal Oil Cooler KOYO-UOL002 15 355mm x 114mm x 
(14" x 4.5" x 2")
(0.47 qt. / 15 fl.oz.)
Koyorad 15-Row Universal Oil Cooler KOYO-UOL003 19 285mm x 146mm x 
(11.25" x 5.75" x 2")
(0.50 qt. / 16 fl.oz.)
Koyorad 15-Row Universal Oil Cooler KOYO-UOL004 25 285mm x 190mm x 
(11.25" x 7.5" x 2")
(0.63 qt. / 20 fl.oz.)


NB. Koyorad Universal Coolers do not include hoses, adapter fittings or sandwich adapters. A general reference guide can be viewed/downloaded here (.pdf) to assist in sourcing the correct adapter fittings and oil filter sandwich adapters for your application. The information should be used as a general guide only, and must be confirmed with a factory service manual and supplier of the parts listed.

All Koyorad universal oil coolers feature versatile 10 AN ORB (O-ring Boss / O-ring Port) provisions at their inlets and outlets. These provisions easily adapt or reduce via AN to AN, or convert from AN to Push-Lock style barb fittings for any needs. Choose  Koyorad  universal  coolers  in  combination  with  the  below  listed  fittings  to  cover  all your oil cooling needs.

 Part # Description Suggested Use
Koyorad Oil Cooler Adapter -10 ORB to -10AN Male KOYO-UOILF001 -10 ORB to -10AN Male Engine Oil
Koyorad Oil Cooler Adapter -10 ORB to -6AN Male KOYO-UOILF002 -10 ORB to -6AN Male Power Steering
Koyorad Oil Cooler Adapter -10 ORB to 3/8" Barb KOYO-UOILF003 -10 ORB to 3/8" Barb Power Steering / Transmission